How we work

Dunes Capital is more than an investor. We are an ambitious partner with a sharp focus and clear vision, achieving outstanding results with the participations we manage. Our involvement goes beyond providing capital alone. We are there for you when you need us, with constructive advice and decisive action. Entrepreneurship is not plain sailing and there are all kinds of challenges an entrepreneur should not have to face alone. We do not pretend to know your company better, but we are ready to support you. 24/7 if that’s what it takes. You can count on our complete commitment.

No fund structure

All our investments are supported by the capital of successful entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional private-equity parties, we do not work with a fund structure. This removes exit pressure and enables us to invest for the long term. We connect companies directly with relevant expertise in our network of entrepreneurs.

Enterprise experience

At Dunes, we all draw on our own experience in business and invest with our own capital. We are always fully involved and enjoy engaging in an active and open dialogue. In our view, there is nothing more satisfying than helping fellow entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Shoulder to shoulder

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Small and mid-size enterprises often lack broader professional support. In Dunes, you can count on a team of specialists who are fully committed to you as a partner, both when business is good and when the going gets tough. We see entrepreneurs as the driving force behind the success of their companies. This is a core belief at Dunes and in line with this, our task is to play a supporting role.

Informal and hands-on

We focus on middle market enterprises and firmly believe that we have plenty to bring to this segment. But adding genuine value means more than simply arranging a meeting once every quarter. Our approach is both hands-on and informal. We are intensively involved with the enterprise while fully respecting the freedom of the entrepreneur and their business interests.

Our added value:

  • Professional infrastructure, organisation and reporting
  • Commercial strategy enhancement
  • Takeover strategy development and implement
  • Quick and flexible response thanks to a small and enterprising team
  • Provision of additional capital to facilitate continued growth
  • Connection to a network of entrepeneurs
  • Cooperation in developing new market segments