Investment criteria

We invest in sectors where we can build on our wealth of experience – both personal and throughout the Dunes network – to add value and support further growth. That spark of mutual appreciation and inspiration between the entrepreneur and our management team is essential to moving forward.

Buyouts and growth capital

We participate in profitable businesses with a clear business model and a realistic growth strategy. Where necessary we facilitate the succession of selling shareholders, but we also provide growth capital to younger entrepreneurs interested in teaming up for success.

1 million - 5 million EBITDA

We concentrate on companies turning profits of between 1 and 5 million EBITDA. We enjoy working with talented entrepreneurs and have a preference for majority holdings. By joining forces with co-investors, we can also invest in companies with profits over 5 million EBITDA.

Generalist with an eye for trends

We prefer investing in companies whose earning models respond to global trends, most notably Outsourcing, Health and Safety, Globalisation, Ageing Population, Sustainability and Digitisation.


Our strategy centres on companies headquartered in the Benelux, regardless of whether their scope is national or international.

Sector focus

Our investments are not restricted by a focus on particular sectors. We invest in entrepreneurs.